We are a brand new club/organization at Susquehanna University called “The Ribbon of Love.”

Our goal is to be a secret blessing to those in need this Christmas. We are asking members of the community (such as YOU!) to think very hard about the families that you know in your life. Does one of them need a Christmas blessing? Has a friend been struggling with finances, has someone just lost their job, or has something devastating just crumpled their financial backing? If you know a family like this, locate the nomination form under the “Nominate” tab in the upper left hand corner.

After we have received all of the nomination forms, we will do our best to select the family/families that we feel need a secret blessing the most. While this step will be the most difficult, we are looking forward to brightening someone’s Christmas!

After we have selected a family, we will use the given information to shop for a family, wrap their presents, and deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve, all without the family’s knowledge. We have decided to be “secret Santa’s” because we do not want the family to feel as if they owe anyone anything. We want to be a blessing, not a burden.

So, this is where we need you!  If you can’t financially support us, that is absolutely fine. But please, please make people aware of our cause, and if you know of someone who needs our help,don’t be shy, get those forms in!


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